Car-Tech Polish


CAR-TECH Acrylic Polymer Polish, Cleaner, and Sealant for today's cars and trucks. Specially formulated for clear and non clear coat finishes. CAR-TECH is a revolutionary non abrasive and will not harm your finish, but will in fact smooth out surface scratches and abrasions while removing the oxidized and dead paint in one simple step. CAR-TECH has maximum UV protection. CAR-TECH protects your vehicle from: ROAD TAR - TREE SAP - ROAD SALT - SALT SPRAY - INDUSTRIAL FALL OUT - ACIDS - BIRD DROPPINGS - EGGS - OVER SPRAY - ACID RAIN - ALKALI WATER SPOTS. CAR-TECH contains the bonding agent ACRO-BOND. This formula actually bonds the polish to the finish for the most durable shine available. CAR-TECH gives your vehicle a deep rich luster that would make even the most critical person happy with a minimal amount of effort. You can apply all the TECH products in the sun and on warm surfaces and it still wipes off easily, even after a long period of time. This Polish has 95% Sun-Screen built in it and has a 1000 degree heat barrier. CAR-TECH has been tested and 365 washes with soap water and brushes did not remove the Polish, under most conditions it only needs to be applied once a year. CAR-TECH is the only Car Polish on the market that has an oxidation dissolving chemical in it. CAR-TECH is non abrasive and will not harm the good paint under the oxidation. CAR-TECH is good for polishing Silver, Gold, Brass, Pewter, and Alloys. CAR-TECH is also very good on Windows, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, and Fiber Glass Surface. Apply with a damp cloth in a circular motion, overlapping as you go over the surface to be polished. For your tires, vinyl, leather, and flat finishes use LUSTER-TECH. If CAR-TECH is accidentally put on rubber moldings or rubber trim use LUSTER-TECH to remove and restore the trim or molding to a bright luster.