Home-Tech Polish


HOME TECH for showers, glass, stone, a complete home cleaner and polish is an Acrylic Polymer Cleaner, Polish, and Sealer formulated for most household applications. HOME-TECH is very easy to use and also outlasts any other product on the market of its kind. HOME-TECH has a micro finishing compound added to take care of stubborn stains on GLASS - CERAMIC TILE - FIBER GLASS AND CERAMIC BATH TUBS AND ENCLOSURES - SHOWERS STALLS - SLIDING GLASS DOORS AND ALUMINUM FRAMES - MIRRORS - WINDOWS - APPLIANCES - MARBLE - CULTURED MARBLE - SILVER - STAINLESS STEEL - GOLD - BRASS - PEWTER - ALUMINUM - PORCELAIN - GRANITE - CORIAN. HOME-TECH will resist water spotting and once applied, stains and fingerprints will wipe off without using spray cleaners in most cases. HOME-TECH is one of the best metal polishes on the market and works very well on Silver, Brass, Gold, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper and Pewter. HOME-TECH has a softening agents added so it is not so harsh on the skin as normal cleansers. Use LUSTER-TECH for all your Formica counter tops, Wood cabinets, leather, and vinyl. LUSTER-TECH also acts as a sealer and cleaner for grouting.