Luster-Tech Conditioner


LUSTER-TECH Leather, Rubber, Vinyl cleaner that conditions and preserves. A wide variety of uses on Vinyl, Rubber, Leather, Wood and Formica just to name a few. Giving your items a like new appearance after the first application. This product is also the only thing that will remove Car Polish that would get on your rubber moldings and weather strips, LUSTER-TECH is a great cleaner and conditioner for RV awnings, window covers, butane tank covers and tires. LUSTER-TECH is good for all flat finishes and cabinets. For best results apply liberally to area you are treating either with direct spray or with a sponge. Let set and soak for five to ten minutes. Then use a dry clean cloth to remove the dirt that has come to the surface. LUSTER-TECH has built in UV protection and resists staining. LUSTER-TECH should be applied on a regular basis. It will never build up, as the cleaners removes the prior application.