Marine-Tech Polish


MARINE-TECH boat polish is a revolutionary Acrylic Polymer Cleaner, Polish, and Sealer with micro finishing compounds added for quick and easy clean up. MARINE-TECH has been formulated to be the most durable marine polish on the market. MARINE-TECH has been formulated to resist fuel residue that comes from the exhaust and normally removes all the polishes at the water line. This normally is the cause of the staining at the water line. MARINE-TECH is great on boat finishes such as Gel Coat, Painted, and Aluminum. The MARINE-TECH formula has an additive to minimize Algae and Barnacle growth. MARINE-TECH reduces water spotting, as water is dissipated from the surface leaving very little opportunity for spotting. MARINE-TECH repels alkali and salt deposits as well as carbon, fuel, and oil residue. If your boat has already started to oxidize and has a film on it. It may take several applications to restore the gel-coat to the original condition. Once the surface is brought back the boat will be easily maintained with regular polishing at six to nine month intervals, depending on the amount of use. MARINE-TECH is very good on all the windows and aluminum frames, as well as any brass, chrome or stainless steel. MARINE-TECH is great on all your glass and metal. For all your wood and vinyl use LUSTER-TECH cleaner and protectant. MARINE-TECH also is very good on your water ski, jet ski or surf board.