RV-Tech Polish


RV-TECH for fiberglass and painted surfaces on motor coach and trailers, an Acrylic Polymer Polish and Sealer with a micro finishing compound added to take care of oxidation, stubborn stains, and streaks. RV-TECH is very easy to apply, it cleans, polishes, and seals all in one application. RV-TECH has built in U-V protectant and has a one thousand degree heat barrier. RV-TECH may be applied in direct sunlight although you will use more product. This product has been formulated for all types of RV exterior finishes, such as Gel Coat, Baked Enamel metal siding, and coated aluminum panels. RV-TECH has proven to restore and maintain the appearance of the exterior finish longer than any other single product on the market. The coating RV-TECH supplies resists such things as: ROAD TAR - TREE SAP - OVER SPRAY - BUGS - BIRD DROPPINGS - ULTRA VIOLET RAYS - FUEL SPILLS AND BRUSH SCRATCHES. RV-TECH is great on all your glass and chrome. It is not necessary to wipe off immediately as the Polish will not dry on like ordinary polishes. On badly oxidized surfaces it may be necessary to repeat the process. RV-Tech is the most durable and longest lasting polish on the market, while still providing a beautiful shine and easy one step application. You will never get a wax build up with RV-TECH as the cleaner is built into the polish. Each new application removes the old. Don't hesitate to use RV-TECH on all your chrome and glass inside and out of your RV. For your awning, tires, plastic and rubber moldings use LUSTER TECH. One of the other nice things about using RV-TECH. One application last approximately two years under normal conditions. RV-TECH can be applied to the entire RV and be wiped off all at once even days later it will wipe off easily.